2016 Mazda 6 Radiator

CSF introduces the 2016 Mazda 6 radiator, CSF 3804! CSF now carries radiators for Mazda 6 from 2003 to 2016!   The newest of the Mazda 6 family covers the 2016 2.5L model and is in stock today! CSF cooling solutions offer coverage for most major makes and models of vehicles.

CSF 3804

Our new 2016 Mazda 6 radiator joins our family of cooling solutions including radiators, condensers, intercoolers, and hybrid inverter coolers. When you’re looking for the best cooling for everything from your daily driver to your work truck, look to CSF Radiators. We’re the cooling experts!

Visit the CSF e-catalog to find the Radiators and Condensers you need for Mazda 6 models.