CSF Radiators Customer Appreciation

On Thursday, February 16th 2017, CSF opened the doors of its new State-of-the-Art distribution facility in Rancho Cucamonga, CA for its “Distributor Appreciation Day” Open House. Strategically scheduled during this year’s annual MACS show in Anaheim, CA, it was the perfect opportunity for CSF customers from across the country to visit CSF’s New Headquarters and West Coast Distribution Center. The response and the attendance were great! We absolutely enjoyed hosting Team CSF.

CSF visitors were given a full tour of the “Green” energy-efficient new warehouse.

Upon arrival at CSF’s headquarters, on a beautiful sunny California day, visitors were greeted by a member of the CSF staff. The company’s full staff was on hand, and tours were given every 15 minutes as guests arrived throughout the morning and into the late afternoon.

Sarah, a CSF Team Member, giving an intimate tour of CSF’s new facility. Here she is explaining some of the industrial engineering efficiencies that have been incorporated into the building. In the foreground is a wild BMW m4 race car, fitted with CSF High-Performance Coolers, we had on hand, thanks to our high-performance division.

There was a full display of CSF’s unique range of cooling systems. Regional sales managers were on hand to give more information on new models such as CSF’s industry leading line of Ford, Dodge, and Chevy truck & diesel applications. New intercoolers, inverter coolers for hybrid vehicles such as the Toyota Prius (available now!), and CSF’s legendary line of Copper/Brass Radiators were also on display.

CSF had a great selection of cooling systems selected for its showcase. Everything from pressure caps, to trucks, even industrial applications like our Kubota Engine radiator packages were on display.

After the grand tour of CSF’s Energy-Efficient Facility and high quality products, the visitors were served lunch and libations. This was a time where guests could relax, eat, and interact with the CSF Team.

CSF provided a calming environment with food, beverages, and dessert in the new multipurpose lunch room.

More than anything, the CSF Open House was a great way to spend time with customers. Just like how our radiators, AC Condensers, and intercoolers are the best in the industry, so are CSF’s customers!!

President of Northern Factory Sales, Roger Gauquie stopped by to catch up with the team from CSF.

One of our New Local CSF customers, UnderCar Plus, came to show their support and strengthen their new Distributor relationship.

Jay Kurzman & Ryan Benson from the 1-800 Radiator Corp. Office, with CSF President RJ Dolwani, Racing Division Manager Ravi Dolwani & Vice President Vinay Mamidi.

More of the local 1-800 Radiator team were able to make it down, including Cheyne, Gursh, and Manjit.

April and Laura from IMC came by to see the new facility as well.

We were thrilled to catch up to catch up with Tony Savasta from US Auto Parts and Young Suhr from APW Knox!

Pacific Best’s Executive Team, Lisa Hsu & Yungtai Hsu, enjoyed the tour.

Darrell Robbins & Rachel Ussery from GPD stopped by to visit before getting ready for the MACS Show.

Hoppy & Elaine Pederson of A-Star came all the way from Spokane, WA.

The Morris Auto Team, including the owners, Randall & David Swedlove, made it to the Open House.

David Culpepper, a CSF customer for over 35 years, from Virginia Carolina Radiators in Portsmouth, VA, made sure to stop by and see CSF’s amazing facility.

Nutrend’s Jack Wang & Jacky Huang after seeing CSF’s Super Green Facility!

Before going to the MACS Show, Dave Singh and Ray Sharp from Performance Radiator & Robert Li from Liland Global Inc were able to stop by and get the grand tour of CSF’s Facility.

“RJ” Dolwani, CSF President, catching up with long time friends & customers, Jack Hubka, David Hubka, Manuela Degirmen & Cindy Shillito from Completes Plus!

The CSF Team would like to thank its loyal customers for taking the time to come by and visit its New Corporate Headquarters. The turnout was fantastic, and the feedback from the event has been extremely positive. A lot of “Where was my invite?” and “when can I come visit your new facility?” were heard throughout the next day at the MACS show. With such a great turnout and a new modern facility, CSF will be looking to host more events at its new facility. Stay tuned for an invite to our grand opening!

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