CSF Warranty Information

CSF takes pride in the quality of its products and offers one of the best warranty’s in the industry. Please refer to the CSF warranty card in the shipping carton for details.

CSF warranty is applicable only to the original owner of the vehicle. Original paper work verifying the proof of purchase and pre-installation cooling system checklist signed by the professional installer is required to process warranty claims.

All warranty claims should be directed to the point of purchase. Due to CSF’s established agreements with Authorized CSF Warehouse Distributors, CSF is unable to handle and/or process warranty related calls/inquires from any individuals – all inquires/warranty related claims should be directed to the point of purchase or an authorized warehouse distributor.

Warranty Busters

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Take care of your radiator, as under circumstances listed below the warranty will be void.

If the radiator is installed and is returned deformed (bulging tanks, warped core etc.), this is an indication that the radiator is the victim of some other problem and not the cause. The deformation is a result of the radiator being subjected to extremely high pressure and or temperature caused by any of the following reasons:Defective Pressure Cap, Defective Head Gasket, Defective Temperature gauge (incorrect readings), Defective Water Pump etc. Such units are not covered under the warranty.

If a radiator seems to have a “fit problem” there is the possibility that there is some confusion about a multi-fit radiator that might look different. Your nearest CSF WD can clarify the application, just give them a call. A perceived fit problem is not covered under warranty.

If a unit is damaged in shipping, please file a claim with the carrier. Damages caused during shipping, installation or handling are not covered under warranty.

Any repairs or alterations to the unit will automatically void the warranty.

Any form of abuse, including the use of improper coolant mixtures, damage caused by steam, corrosion etc and use on commercial vehicles voids the warranty. It is the vehicle owners’ responsibility to maintain the cooling system as specified in the owners manual.