Ford Super Duty Cooling

CSF Ford Super Duty cooling specifically designed to keep your vehicle working harder, cooler, longer! It’s no secret CSF aftermarket cooling applications lead the industry in keeping your truck cool under pressure. Our patented B-tube technology utilized across our radiators increases the surface area leading to a more rapid cooling process.

We’re always launching new models, check out some of our Ford product releases below:


3601 (13230)2016-20116.7L Diesel PrimaryViewBuy
3602 (13239)2016-20116.7L Diesel SecondaryViewBuy
3642 (13022)2010-20086.4L DieselViewBuy
3796 (13231/13232)2016-20116.2LViewBuy


10554 (3572/4883)2007-19995.4L, 6.8L, & 7.3L DieselViewBuy
10635 (3690)2010-20086.4L DieselViewBuy
10654 (3691)2010-20085.4L & 6.8LViewBuy
10673 (3937)2016-20116.7L DieselViewBuy
10762 (3936)2016-20116.2L GasViewBuy
10796 (30088)2018-20176.2LViewBuy
10797 (30089)2018-20176.7L DieselViewBuy


60112016-20116.7L Diesel (OE Style Liquid Cooled)ViewBuy
60122010-20086.4L Diesel (OE Style Core)ViewBuy
60132007-20036.0L Diesel (OE Style Core)ViewBuy
60172003-19997.3L Diesel (OE Style Core)ViewBuy
60272010-20086.4L Diesel (H.D. Plate &Bar)ViewBuy
60282007-20036.0L Diesel (H.D. Plate & Bar)ViewBuy
60292003-19997.3L Diesel (H.D. Plate & Bar)ViewBuy
71052010-20086.4L Diesel (High Performance Plate & Bar)ViewBuy
71062007-20036.0L Diesel (High Performance Plate & Bar)ViewBuy
71072003-19997.3L Diesel (High Performance Plate & Bar)ViewBuy

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