Hybrid Inverter Coolers

Being on the cutting edge of technology, CSF has recently introduced many Hybrid Inverter Coolers to the aftermarket. As many of you have contacted us asking about the function and significance of this part we have attempted to address these questions below.

With the rising fuel prices and the subsidies available for environmentally friendly vehicles, the number of Hybrid and Electric Vehicles (EVs) on the road is dramatically rising. For your information, there were about 250,000 Toyota Prius,  sold just in 2014-2015 (this Inverter Cooler will be available soon)! With all the other major brand Hybrids and EVs on the road, this surely is the emerging trend that cannot be ignored.

All the Hybrid Vehicles & EVs are equipped with an Inverter that manages and recharges the circuits. The numerous transformers and the semiconductors located in these Inverters generate an enormous amount of heat and it is important that adequate cooling and ventilation is provided to keep these components operational. To provide this critical cooling the vehicle manufacturers have provided an independent cooler to cool the Inverter…The Hybrid Inverter Cooler.

Initial symptoms of an overheated Inverter are, reduced performance, reduced fuel economy (defeating the very purpose of owning this vehicle) and eventually a complete stall of the engine.

These hybrid inverter coolers till now were available only through the Dealer previously.

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