CSF Presents Kubota Cooling Solutions

CSF Radiators are market leaders in cooling stationary Kubota equipment. Our Kubota cooling solutions are specially engineered to last long, keeping your heavy-duty equipment cool under pressure. Take a look at our product line of Kubota cooling solutions today and reach out to us when you’re ready to get the best in cooling for your stationary equipment. When you’re looking to stay cool you can trust CSF Radiators, the Cooling Experts.

Heavy Duty Cooling for Heavy Duty Kubota


Kubota Reference #DescriptionCSF # Radiator Full KitRadiator OnlyKit Only
A-41Copper Brass model800080018002
A-41All Aluminum model801380128002
A-46Plastic/Aluminum model w/fan shroud801680158019
A-47Plastic/Aluminum model w/fan shroud801880178020
A-65Plastic/Aluminum model w/fan shroudN/A8011N/A

Radiator OEM Number

OEM #DescriptionCSF #
16625-72001A-41 Copper/Brass radiator w/full kit8000
16625-72061A-41 Copper/Brass radiator only8001
16625-72001A-41 Radiator Kit Only8002
1G996-72060A-41 Plastic/Aluminum radiator onlyN/A
1G994-72062A-46 Plastic/Aluminum radiator only8015
1G992-72060A-47 Plastic/Aluminum radiator only8017
1G976-72060A-65 Plastic/Aluminum radiator only8011
19091-72101A-41 P/A Radiator & full kitN/A
19091-72102A-65 P/A Radiator & full kitN/A
19091-72107A-47 P/A Radiator & full kit8018
19091-72104A-46 P/A Radiator & full kit8016