Radiator Pressure Caps

Radiator pressure caps

CSF produces radiator pressure caps for OEM and aftermarket sales worldwide. CSF caps are available in four different sizes and numerous pressure ratings that cover 95% of all applications. CSF caps meet or exceed all OE and industry standards. Once again CSF delivers outstanding quality, selection, and performance at competitive prices! Don’t take any chances when cooling your ride. Trust CSF radiator pressure caps to withstand the forces and heat while coming out on top of the competition!

Our radiator pressure caps are built from the finest materials to keep your coolant inside your radiator, pushing temps low and keeping our promise to you! You can always trust the cooling experts with your radiator, intercooler, condenser, or radiator pressure cap needs. We even cool race cars!

Private Label Option
Want to have your own custom radiator pressure cap made? CSF is an industry leader in private labeling and supplies many different companies across the world their very own radiator pressure cap with custom packaging. Many options to choose from.
Email us for more information, and to inquire about this unique product opportunity: info@CSFrace.com
(MOQ 500 pieces p/ part #)

While replacing your radiator, always check the old radiator pressure cap for wear and tear.

Replace the pressure cap with quality matching pressure cap whenever necessary.

When pressures inside your cooling system increase above its psi rating, the radiator pressure cap release some of the coolants into the overflow tank. It does this by use of a spring loaded valve. Once enough coolant has exited the system to reduce the pressure, the valve closes again. This action allows the system to remain at the optimal psi while the engine is running.

When the engine cools and pressure in the system drops, the radiator pressure cap allows the excess coolant in the overflow tank to return to the system by use of a second spring loaded valve. This second valve responds to the vacuum created in the system from the drop in pressure and pulls the coolant out of the overflow tank. Not only does this recycle the excess coolant to prevent air pockets in the radiator, but it also prevents the softer components of the cooling system, such as the hoses, from becoming crushed by the external air pressure.

Medium Cap

Generally Truck Applications

Pressure Rating Stant Cap # CSF Cap #
7 psi (0.5 kg/cm2) 10282 4508
16 psi (1.1 kg/cm2) 10294 4509

Small Cap

Generally Older Automobile Applications

Pressure Rating Stant Cap # CSF Cap #
13 psi (0.9 kg/cm2) 10229 4501
16 psi (1.1 kg/cm2) 10230 4515
18 psi (1.3 kg/cm2) 10234 4539

Mini Cap

Generally Newer Automobile Applications

Pressure Rating Stant Cap # CSF Cap #
13 psi (0.9 kg/cm2) 10227 4502
16 psi (1.1 kg/cm2) 10233 4503
20 psi (1.4 kg/cm2) 10361 4540

Micro Cap

Generally Latest Japanese Applications

Pressure Rating Stant Cap # CSF Cap #
13 psi (0.9 kg/cm2) 10241 4513
16 psi (1.1 kg/cm2) 10242 4514

Cross Reference

Stant Cap # CSF Cap #
10229 4501
10227 4502
10233 4503
10282 4508
10294 4509
10241 4513
10242 4514
10230 4515
10234 4539
10361 4540